Welcome to our Gallery Showcase...

  We at Dell's Architectural Antiques invite you to take a look at our variety of wide range of items that we offer in all of our galleries. We offer a selection that fits your everyday needs including many specialty items that are very hard to come by. When you find something that you would like to have, you may Contact us or you can Quote us a price online for the items that we have readily available in stock within our store.

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Bathroom Gallery
Here you can find
all your bathroom
and accessory needs.


Custom Built-Ins
For that one special
area in your home see
these selections offered.


Doors & Hardware
We offer a wide selection
for every room including
hardware to match.

Fireplace & Mantels
If its warmth and
comfort you enjoy. Then
this is a must see.


Lighting & Fixtures
Light up those areas
that need that little
accented look to it.


Odds & Ends
From indoor to outdoor.
Here is where you'll find
it. Lots to chose from.

Specialty Items
Here are lots of hard to
find one of a kind items
just waiting for you.


Stained Glass Windows
Enjoy the beauty of
leaded stain glass for
every room in your home.


Wood Flooring
Check our of selections
of easy to install
wood flooring.